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Sour collabs to bring Thai flavours to the world

Sour City Project reaches across borders to promote Thai brewing

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Digitalizing the draft pour

How greater connectivity with your draft system can help you save money and the environment

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Research at the heart of the new BarthHaas Asia Campus, Beijing

Specially commissioned Kaspar Schulz brewery to focus on research & development

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Improving Your Process with Cryo Hops®

Enjoy increased yield potential & greater efficiency across your supply chain

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Asia’s first GAI 3621 canning line installed

Compact monobloc capable of reaching speeds of up to 4,000 cph

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Mastering SafBrew™ BR-8

Getting to grips with Brett in the brewhouse

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A new way to clarify your beer

Enzyme targets haze-sensitive polypeptides to help reduce haze

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Flavour infused malts to spice up your brews

Joe White releases new Creative Series malts

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Exploring the Hoppy Side of SafAle™ K-97

Yeast strain finds a new lease of life in hop forward brews

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