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Saigon’s Lighter Side: Lagers Rise In Vietnam’s Craft Beer Hotspot

After years brewing high ABV American-style craft beer, Saigon’s brewers are finally scaling up their sessionable offerings

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Cracking open Hong Kong’s “Operation Hop Drop”

Brewer James Waters takes a deeper look into the city-state's first wet hopped ale

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Resistance Is Futile: Artificial Intelligence And Beer

In yet more potentially nightmarish news, artificial intelligence continues its slow yet steady assimilation of the beer industry.

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The bitter reality of IBU’s place in craft beer

The bitterness scale do not belong on a beer menu, argues brewer Jack Plexico

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The Art of Brewing Beer with Tea (Pt. 1)

James Waters takes a look into the world of brewing tea-infused beers.

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ABN Talks: Richard Kim, Founder, Playground Brewery (Rep. Korea)

Oliver Woods talks with Richard Kim, founder of one of a new wave of craft breweries growing rapidly in the South Korea

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ABN Talks : Gautham Gandhi, Singularity Beer Project (IND)

Oliver Woods talks with Indian brewer Gautham Gandhi about the state of the country's beer industry

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Kveik Brewing: Brew Like A Voss!

A dive into the fermentation properties of the Norwegian super-yeast

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Dry Hopping – The Right Timing

Dr Christina Schönberger of the Barth Haas Hops Academy covers the effects temperature and time have on a brewers dry hopping regime

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