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Brewing Confidence: GENE-UP® BREWPRO™ YS to transform Yeast QC


In the ever changing world of beer brewing, ensuring top-notch quality at every stage is paramount. Enter GENE-UP® BREWPRO™ YS, the groundbreaking solution from bioMérieux and White Labs, poised to redefine yeast quality control in the industry.

Yeast, some say the unsung hero of every brew, holds the key to flavor, aroma, and consistency. However, navigating the challenges of yeast propagation and raw material sourcing often poses a significant hurdle. Traditional quality control tests focused solely on detecting spoilers in the finished brew, leaving yeast slurries vulnerable to undetected threats.

GENE-UP® BREWPRO™ YS changes the game by specifically targeting yeast in its raw, cell-dense state. Developed in collaboration with industry leaders White Labs, this PCR test boasts unparalleled sensitivity, capable of detecting both common spoilers and elusive environmental contaminants unique to yeast slurries.

The impact is profound. Yeast and fermentation managers gain actionable insights, fortifying quality control programs and delivering enhanced risk assessment profiles. With shortened time-to-results, operational efficiencies soar, and confidence in product-release decisions reaches new heights, safeguarding brand reputation with every batch.

But the benefits extend beyond the brewery walls. Yeast suppliers, like White Labs, uphold their commitment to excellence, fortified by a tool that ensures product integrity from inception. For breweries of all sizes, from craft artisans to industry titans, GENE-UP® BREWPRO™ YS becomes a beacon of efficiency, minimizing waste, maximizing production, and helping to preserve taste profiles with unwavering precision.

Gene-Up BrewPro Advert from Whitelabs and bioMérieux

“As a long-term diagnostic partner of the brewing industry, we pride ourselves on developing tangible, cutting-edge solutions that solve our customers’ toughest problems,” said Ben Pascal, head of the xPRO™ Program at bioMérieux, during the recent product launch. “The GENE-UP® BREWPRO™ YS development process was a true partnership with White Labs and showcases the power of collaboration and innovation. The result – the first diagnostic testing solution made by yeast experts for yeast experts – allows for confident testing in the raw material, harvesting and propagation processes to empower better decision-making across the entirety of the production process – from the raw material to product release stages.”

Neva Parker, Director of Operations at White Labs, echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the shared dedication to excellence “As a leading yeast-supplier, White Labs is committed to delivering the highest-quality products to our customers. To deliver on this promise, we are always seeking cutting-edge methodologies to enhance our quality programs. bioMérieux is a likeminded organization that understands the nuances of the brewing industry, making them the perfect partner to collaborate on a game-changing solution that will not only benefit White Labs and our customers, but the broader brewing industry as a whole.”

GENE-UP® BREWPRO™ YS stands as a testament to the bioMérieux xPRO™ Program’s commitment to innovation. As part of a comprehensive portfolio of testing solutions, it exemplifies a proactive approach to addressing emerging needs and enhancing overall quality programs within the beverage industry.

In the ever-evolving landscape of beer brewing, confidence is key. With GENE-UP® BREWPRO™ YS leading the charge, brewers and yeast suppliers alike can raise a glass to a future defined by excellence, integrity, and unparalleled quality.

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