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Barth Haas Hop Update: June 2024


The net acreage in Germany decreased by 340 ha (-1,6 %) to a total of 20,289 ha.

The acreage of high alpha varieties continues to increase, with the varieties Herkules increasing by 419 ha (+6 %), Titan by 322 ha (+344 %) and Polaris by 27 ha (+5%). In contrast, the aroma varieties are being further reduced. The largest absolute decline was recorded by the Perle variety with -375 ha (-12 %), followed by Hallertau Tradition with -241 ha (-9 %).

The flavour varieties are also continuing to decline: Amarillo, Hallertau Blanc and Mandarina Bavaria are all losing double-digit hectares. The varieties Magnum (-150 ha), Hallertau Mittelfrüher (-14 ha), Taurus (-31 ha), Hersbrucker Spät (-10 ha), Northern Brewer (-17 ha), Spalter Select (-29 ha) and Saphir (-38 ha) are also being cut back, as they are not well adapted to the changed climate, resulting in insufficient yields per hectare.

Hop Acreage Germany 2024 Barth Haas Report

(Source: Verband Deutscher Hopfenpflanzer e.V.)

Aroma hops are primarily being replaced by high alpha varieties, but also by newer varieties that are better adapted to climate change, such as Tango (+26 ha).

As in previous years, the number of active farms continues to decline and now stands at 1,009 (-31). In contrast to previous years, not all land that becomes available is leased to neighbouring farms and is therefore no longer in production.

Weather conditions and Plant Development Germany

Temperatures from October to March were consistently above the 10-year average. Precipitation from October to April was 40 % above the long-term average.

Despite the changeable weather from March to April, the spring work was completed on schedule. Warm temperatures of up to 25°C led to a strong surge in hop development. The first farms began training in mid-April, around two weeks earlier than usual. After the warm period, training was characterised by very low temperatures with rain and snowfall. This slowed down the hops’ huge developmental advance somewhat.

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