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Hong Kong Beer Co is looking to add a senior brewer

Posted 3 months ago

Hong Kong Beer Co is looking for a high-calibre person to join our brew team in Hong Kong.


The position of senior brewer involves overseeing the production of various craft beer styles from raw materials to packaging in accordance with standard operating procedures.


The successful candidate will collaborate with and report to our head brewer, Phillip Rankmore, join an exceptional team of brewers and quality assurance professionals, receive extensive in-person and online training and professional development opportunities, work closely with brewery management, and coordinate with our logistics teams to meet distribution schedules.




● Wort production on 3-vessel 25hl automated brewhouse
● Operate cellar equipment including cellar control system, centrifuge, pasteuriser, water deaeration system, and carbonation equipment
● Adhere to established recipes, quality assurance processes and SOPs
● Collaborate on recipe development for limited release beers
● Fermentation and cellar management, including CIPs, sanitation, managing fermentation schedules, yeast harvesting, dry hopping, and ingredient addition
● Keep paper and digital logs of brewing operations
● Supervise packaging into kegs, bottles and cans, ensuring the highest product quality
● Manage stores of ingredients and brewing supplies
● Assist with maintenance and preventive maintenance of all brewing equipment
● Adhere to safety standards at all times




● Five years or more in a professional brewing role or comparable production environment
● Formal education in brewing science or related fields will be highly regarded
● Solid experience managing employees and working as part of a high-functioning team


For candidates who are interested in this opportunity, please send your resume to [email protected]

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Cimec Bottle Filler & Supporting Equipment US$50,000 (USD 50,000)

Posted 4 months ago

Upgrading to a new packaging line and need to sell our Cimec 12 head counter pressure filler.

-12 Head Counter Pressure Filler

-595 total working hours

-Up to 3000 bottles per hour

-Cost price was 180,000 Euro

-Double pre evacuation resulting in DO pickup in the 10-20PPB range

-Inline rinser with sterile air filter

-Neck and body labeler

-Hot stamp date code printer

-Capping turret for 26mm caps(can be modified to 29mm)

-Currently fitted for 355ml bottles but can be modified easily and inexpensively

-Can sell bottling line independently if labeler not needed

-Accumulation points and conveyers pre and post both filling and labeling

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Portable optical O2 monitor ($10,500)

Posted 4 months ago

Portable optical O2 meter for accurate measurement of beer or DAW.
Powerful and accurate, ultra simple to use, fits in your pocket!

Charge it simply with a USB charger,
0 – 2000 ppb measurement range

Special price AU $9500
Only one available at this introductory price – ex-stock Melbourne
Contact our tech team at PTI Pacific for more details at [email protected]

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