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At the Asia Brewers Network we strongly believe continual education is essential for brewers to develop their skills, that’s why we’ve teamed up with the Siebel Institute of Technology in Chicago (USA) to bring you their series of Specialised Lectures*.

Learn when you want  |  Learn where you want

We know you are busy so these lectures are available online, on demand so you can learn when you want.

The lectures vary in length from 45-90 minutes and are perfect for brewers looking to increase their brewing knowledge, or business owners wanting to provide education to their workforce.

Siebel Specialised Lectures

*Please note, this series of Specialised Lectures are not a certified brewing course. They are intended as a pathway for brewers to develop a greater understanding of the brewing process.

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POD #1: Ingredients

A good understanding of the raw materials used in brewing are the foundation of the brewers skills. This first Pod of lectures assumes a basic understanding of these materials and explores their use in greater depth. (4 lectures)

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POD #2: Operations “Hot” Side

From milling your grain to separation and boiling, this pod will cover the preparation and handling of wort as well as practical hop addition theory. (4 lectures)

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POD #3: Yeast

Healthy, well managed yeast is essential to any successful brew. In this pod you will learn basic yeast biochemistry and physical behaviour as well as best handling practices and quality management procedures. (4 lectures)

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POD #4: Operations “Cold” Side

Fermentation and maturation conditions have a huge impact on your final product. This pod will explore variations in fermentation profiles and the principles behind maturation as well as covering various filtration methods. (3 lectures)

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POD #5: Quality Control

This final pod of lectures covers the essential components of a good QA/QC programme (the understanding of spoilage potential in your beer, how to identify and avoid it) and the importance of oxygen control in producing a shelf stable product. (4 lectures)

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Kveik Yeast – The Voss Strain Selection Process & Performance

A look into Kveik, from Norwegian farmhouse yeast cultures to its development as a commercial product from farmhouse to fermenter.

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How new yeast strains can help cider diversity

Exploring the diversity of cider profiles through the selection of new yeast strains

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Why pilot batch brewing is a game changer

Small fermenting lines enable pilot batch brewing, so you can experiment in a cost effective way.

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Insight report

The essential report for anyone looking to understand the current state of the craft/microbrewing market in Southeast Asia and the regions' development potential.

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Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America rescheduled for September

Annual event provides vital resources as craft brewers look to the future

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Alfa Laval acquires patented membrane technology to concentrate beer

Alfa Laval acquires unique technology to strengthen its position in sustainable beer production

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Proven technology revamped: KHS further develops its keg fillers

Technical upgrades create even more sustainable, efficient and future-proof fillers

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