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Cimec Bottle Filler & Supporting Equipment US$50,000 (USD 50,000)

Cimec Bottle Filler & Supporting Equipment US$50,000

Upgrading to a new packaging line and need to sell our Cimec 12 head counter pressure filler.

-12 Head Counter Pressure Filler

-595 total working hours

-Up to 3000 bottles per hour

-Cost price was 180,000 Euro

-Double pre evacuation resulting in DO pickup in the 10-20PPB range

-Inline rinser with sterile air filter

-Neck and body labeler

-Hot stamp date code printer

-Capping turret for 26mm caps(can be modified to 29mm)

-Currently fitted for 355ml bottles but can be modified easily and inexpensively

-Can sell bottling line independently if labeler not needed

-Accumulation points and conveyers pre and post both filling and labeling

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