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Yakima Quality Hops release new Elani™ variety

Bold citrus with tropical undertones, suitable for both whirlpool and dry-hop applications

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Brewnanza: Ultimate Celebration of Craft Beer and Music by Brewlander

With summer heating up Singapore, Brewlander presents the perfect experience to kick back with an array of delicious Craft beers: Brewnanza Fest.

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Revolutionize Low Alcohol Beer with LalBrew LoNa™

The first maltose-negative Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain specifically selected for beer fermentations

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2023 Crop Report: Eclipse® is on the rise

Proprietary varieties see nett year-on-year increase in tonnage and acreage

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Brewers Assoc. release Top 50 US craft brewing companies of 2022

Overall beer market shrinks by volume but retail value up 6% on 2021

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Krones revenue tops €4 billion for the first time

Annual revenue increases to €4,209.3 m, up 15.8% on 2022

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Carlsberg Malaysia launches 2023 Graduate Training Programme

GTP offers international opportunities across the region

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Malteries Soufflet finalises acquisition of Castle Malting

Move increases Malteries Soufflet range of traditional brewing malts

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