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White Labs ventures into dry yeast

10th March 2023

White Labs liquid yeast has been a stalwart among professional and home brewers for decades, and the introduction of its new dry yeast format gives brewers another convenient option to add to their brewing toolbox.

Although the San Diego based company firmly believes liquid yeast remains the superior option for complex flavor and impressive fermentation aromas, they recognize the industry continues to seek the convenience and accessibility of dry yeast.

After years of innovation and research, the White Labs team have now launched their signature California Ale Yeast in an active dry format (WLP001), providing brewers anywhere in the world access to one of the brewing industry’s most popular strains without compromising on the quality brewers expect from White Labs yeast.

The launch of WLP001 dry yeast ensures all brewers have the reliability of White Labs yeast, regardless of liquid or dry yeast preference.

With an extensive shelf-life, White Labs Dry Yeast offers a proven back-up plan that can keep brew days on schedule.

“While liquid yeast will always be our leading product for the best tasting beer, we want to ensure that brewers around the world have access to White Labs quality yeast, and specifically WLP001,” says Chris White, founder and CEO of White Labs.

“While the strain is ours, the products are different, resulting in somewhat different beers. What we wanted to do, was give brewers a choice. Whether as a backup option to keep brew days on schedule, or to provide accessibility in our global markets, we want White Labs yeast to fuel brewer creativity and offer consistent fermentations.”

The WLP001 – California Ale Yeast is currently available for in professional-size 500-gram packages, with homebrew 11-gram packages anticipated to be available soon. At least two additional dry yeast strains are expected to launch in 2023.

Consistent with all White Labs products, complete transparency in laboratory data, including strain information and usage instructions, is available on-demand through a QR code on every package
White Labs’ online pitch rate calculator, available online at, allows brewers to dial in a pitching rate for any batch for foolproof fermentation or guidance in adjusting the pitching rate to brewer preference.

“White Labs has spent 27 years continuously pushing the industry forward by finding new ways to innovate and expand offerings to meet brewer needs,” shared Neva Parker, vice president of operations at White Labs.

“This latest product has been a long-time coming. Our team worked tirelessly to develop dry yeast production packaging and ensure it met our quality testing standards, all to allow brewers anywhere in the world to access White Labs’ best-performing yeast.”

Along with WLP001 Dry California Ale Yeast, White Labs continues to release innovations in liquid yeast and transitioning PurePitch Next Generation for all White Labs strains.

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