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Barth Haas: Spectrum storage temperature & Best-By shelf life change


Nuremburg, Germany, 26 June 2024

This statement is intended as a notification of a change in “storage temperature” and best-by period/shelf life change for the product “Spectrum” manufactured by BarthHaas GmbH & Co. KG at the respective production site BarthHaas UK Ltd.

Whereas the previous “best-by” period for Spectrum was 12 months, we now maintain that Spectrum can be used within 18 months of the processing date. This 18 months best-by date applies to previously manufactured Spectrums as well as from future crop years.

Modern processing and packaging technology allow for the quality of our hop products to be maintained for long durations when properly stored. To maintain best possible product quality we changed the storage temperature from 2-15 °C to 2-8 °C. This change in storage temperature applies to previously manufactured Spectrum as well as from future crop years.

View the Spectrum Data Sheet HERE

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