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Singapore brewery commits to Kalimantan re-forestation

18th April 2021

Singapore’s Lion Brewery Co. is deepening its commitment to sustainability and paving the way to a greener future, one pint at a time.

They are the first brewery in Singapore to offset their beer manufacturing operations’ carbon impact via reforestation.

Recently the company announced their partnership with Green Steps Group (GSG), using trackable technology to replant the endangered forests in Borneo.

Known for their refreshing brews made specifically for drinking in the hot equatorial climate, the move embodies the values of the brewery’s founders and those of modern, environmentally conscious drinkers.

Lion Brewery green logo of a lion and tree

Lion Brewery Co. have adopted a new green logo to kickstart their tree drive

1 Keg = 1 Tree

With this new programme, a tree will be planted for every beer keg sold, making each pint sold at their local venue partners carbon negative. Each tree planted will be geo-tagged under Lion Brewery Co and the partnering F&B venue (the ‘impact sponsor’).

Lion Brewery Co’s General Manager & Co-Founder Will Julius explains how as a brand they have always worked towards adopting sustainable practices. He shares “We made the switch early on from plastic labels to paper on all of our bottles, and have transitioned to stainless steel kegs to reduce our plastic and CO2e footprint even further.”

He continues “We are excited to continue building upon our commitment to be greener through this initiative with Green Steps Group and have set ourselves the target to plant at least 200 trees per month in 2021.”

Lion lovers enjoying their beers at home can also sponsor trees and build their own carbon-capturing forests by adding just $4 to any order placed on brewery’s e-store checkout page.

Trackable technology

The growth and progress of each tree can be monitored using GSG’s proprietary “proof of planting” technology platform that combines geo-tagging, camera-traps and satellite multi-spectrum imagery.

A unique QR code links to an individual tree’s location, date and time of planting as well as providing information about the local farmer.

GSG and the on-site research scientists track the overall health of the Kalimantan jungle and the long-term CO2 impact at a per-tree level.

By working in partnership with an expert in CO2 mitigation management, the brewery has taken a big step towards accomplishing a long-term goal of becoming fully carbon negative. In pursuit of this mission, the company is committed to planting at least 2,000 trees by the end of 2021 with the support of their partner venues in Singapore and online customers.

“We are really happy that our industry partners, customers, and the broader community are becoming more conscious about sustainability and that we are playing a part in that.” Shares Neo Say Wee, Lion Brewery Co’s Award-Winning Brewmaster “we take immense pride in the fact that each pint is now carbon negative and believe these little steps go a long way towards a greener future.”

For every 100 trees planted, Lion Brewery Co have calculated they will offset 2,200 KGCO2e per annum – less than the carbon cost of producing and delivering 100 kegs to venues.

With a growing following and beer portfolio Lion Brewery Co beers are now available in bars and restaurants throughout the Island Nation.

To learn more about Lion Brewery Co’s sustainability efforts, please visit:

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Charles Guerrier

Charles Guerrier

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