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Angkor launches fresh new look

29th March 2023

Popular Cambodian beer brand Angkor Beer now sports a fresher taste and smoother flavour for 2023, accompanied by a new look that embodies national pride and showcases the decorative Khmer Kbach style of Cambodian art.

Launched recently through the Shine Like Gold campaign, the new flavour and packaging design offers a more stylish and premium appeal while also emphasizing the brand’s cultural connection with the country’s rich Khmer heritage.

Angkor Beer, also known as the ‘Gold of Angkor’, has been one of Cambrew’s top products for more than three decades.

Cambrew (owned by Danish brewers Carlsberg) was the first brewery in Cambodia and Angkor Beer’s new packaging design reinforces the brand’s long history, premium quality, and highest levels of
craftsmanship that have made it a popular choice for millions of loyal Cambodian consumers and tourists.

New Gold look Angkor Beer

The new gold look Angkor Beer (Photo: Cambrew)

“The distinctive new packaging emphasises the brand’s proud cultural connection with the rich
Khmer heritage. It reinforces our long history, along with the beer’s premium quality and highest
levels of craftsmanship,” said Angkor Beer’s management.

“It is part of our bold plan to solidify the brand’s reputation as vibrant and innovative to satisfy
millions of our loyal Cambodians consumers – especially the new generation, who value quality
and have become more discerning about the beer they drink.”

A nod to the past

In an era when other beer brands are modernizing their branding, Angkor Beer has taken a
different route by focusing on national pride and Khmer heritage. The “Gold of Angkor” has
created something entirely new for Cambodia and the world, with every sip of their new flavour
accompanied by Khmer pride.

With the new design, Angkor Beer hopes to offer a more stylish and premium appeal while reinforcing the brand’s long history and high levels of craftsmanship. Cambrew believes “The Gold of Angkor” is perfect for today’s Cambodia and the world market, where people are constantly looking to premiumize their drinking experience.

A group of Cambodians enjoy Angkor Beer by the side of a river

(Photo’s: Cambrew)

Article by:

Andreas Arphan

Andreas Arphan


Hailing from the world of public relations Andreas now provides PR consultancy and editorial services across the region as well as enjoying some of Asia’s finest craft beers from his home base in Malaysia.

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