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ABN launch Brew King 2021 in Singapore

14th May 2021

The Asia Brewers Network today announced the launch of a brand new freestyle beer competition, Brew King, designed to give brewers the freedom to express themselves without the traditional boundaries of beerstyle guidelines.

The inaugural competition, which will be open to Singapore’s commercial brewers, will task competitors to brew a beer according to a competition concept brief.

Brewers can then produce any beerstyle they like (recognized or not) to showcase a designated hero ingredient or concept in their beer. The entered brews will then be judged according to the brewers notes on what they were aiming to produce.

Brew King beer competition logo and beer glass

The hunt is on for Singapore’s first Brew King


2021 Competition Brief

As this inaugural competition is being run in partnership with CLS Farms, owners of the proprietary hop variety El Dorado®, competitors will be given the competition brief of “brew a tropical beer that showcases the characteristics of the El Dorado® hop”.

Competitors will be given up to 10 kg of complimentary El Dorado® hops to help them create their unique brews.

A judging panel will judge the competition entries on technical merit in relation to the Brewers Notes provided for each entry.

Commenting for the Asia Brewers Network, Director Charles Guerrier said “We’re delighted to be able to launch this competition for the brewers of Singapore. Craft brewing is all about creativity, innovation and community and we hope this new format will enable the new generation of brewers around the island to show off their growing talents to the island’s flourishing craft beer community”.

Let the people have their say

The first round of judging by a select panel of judges, including the brewers who enter the competition, will take place on Friday 16th July. This will contribute 70% of the weighting towards the winner with the last 30% coming from a popular vote by attendees at a public tasting event to announce the winner on Saturday 17th July.

As part of the competition entry requirements the competition beers will also be released for craft beer lovers to purchase in taprooms around the Lion City.

Registrations open on 15th May and the victorious brewer will be announced Brew King Singapore 2021 at a public event to be held on 17th July (venue to be confirmed).

More information on Brew King Singapore 2021 can be found HERE


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