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Brew King Singapore 2021


Brew King Singapore Flyer

A brand new Freestyle Beer Competition for Singapore’s brewers

The Asia Brewers Network brings you a brand new freestyle brewing challenge for Singapore’s commercial brewers.

Brew King Singapore will be run for the first time this year, a competition designed to give you, the brewer, the freedom to express yourself without the traditional boundaries of beerstyle guidelines.

On entering the competition you will be tasked to brew a beer according to a competition concept brief. You can produce any beerstyle you like (recognized or not) to showcase a designated hero ingredient or concept in your beer. The beers entered will then be judged according to your brewer’s notes of what you were aiming to produce.

One brew to rule them all

Unlike other beer competitions that follow strict style guidelines and have multiple competition categories, brewers competing in Brew King need only brew one batch. This beer can be whatever you would like to brew so long as it meets the competition brief (the brief will change every year for a fresh competition challenge).

2021 competition brief: Competitors entering Brew King Singapore 2021 must brew a tropical beer that showcases the characteristics of the El Dorado hop.

As this first competition is supported by CLS Farms, through their proprietary hop El Dorado®, each competing brewery will be given up to
10 kg each to help support the cost of their brew. Technical advice on the use of the hop will be available from veteran brewer Alexandra Nowell of Three Weavers Brewing Company (California, USA).

This competition is only open to brewers in Singapore.

Key Dates

Registration: Opens on 15th May and closes on 1st June 2021.

Hop Delivery: Your complimentary El Dorado hops will be delivered to you between 7-11th June

Brewers Notes: Should be submitted by 28th June

Judging:  Will be held on the 16th July (brewers panel) with a Public Event to announce the winner on the 17th July

For more information and to receive an Entry Form please contact us HERE


Competition FAQ

What is the cost to enter? 40 litres (2 x 20L kegs) of beer once your competition entry has been brewed. This beer will be used for judging and for the public award announcement event on 17 th July . There is no up front entry fee. All competing brewers must also undertake to brew a 1,000 litre batch that will be released commercially.

Hop support: Brewers will be provided with up to 10 kg complimentary of T-90 pellet of El Dorado hops to use in their brew. Technical advice/suggestions on how best to use their hops will be available from CLS Farms (USA) for those who would like it.

What beerstyle should I enter in the competition? You may brew any style you like so long as you meet the competition brief of “brew a tropical beer that showcases the characteristics of the El Dorado hop ””. Brewers entering will provide Brewers Notes for their beer which must be supplied to the competition organizers before the completion of their brew.

How will the entries be judged? A judging panel will judge the competition entries on technical merit in relation to the Brewers Notes provided for each entry. The first round of judging (blind tasting scored out of 50) will be used to select the top three beers, these beers will then be placed first, second and third through a judges discussion.

Who will judge the competition? 70% of the judging result will be allocated as above by a select panel of judges which will include the brewers who enter the competition. The final 30% of weighting will be allocated by a popular vote given to the public attending the award event.

Location: Singapore

Date: 17th July 2021

Time: 2:00 pm-5:00 pm

Cost: TBD