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7 Bridges & Saigon Cider Launch Zero Alcohol Collab

19th May 2022

7 bridges saigon cider herbal limeade creme soda

Vietnam’s 7 Bridges Brewery & Saigon Cider have launched a zero alcohol collaboration.

While the demand for, and production of, non-alcoholic beverages has grown globally, the collaboration is a first for Vietnam where craft beverage firms have been slow to introduce zero alcohol options.

Notable for being Vietnam’s first female-founded craft beverage brands, 7 Bridges & Saigon Cider have launched two zero ABV sodas onto the market: Vietnamese Herbal Limeade and Pink Guava Creme Soda.

“Vietnam has a large population of adults who choose not to drink, so we thought this was a great opportunity to explore some new options for them.” shares 7 Bridges CEO Saori Ushimi.

With health consciousness on the rise globally, normalising non-alcoholic beverage consumption in settings and occasions in which you’d normally expect to only drink alcohol, can’t be a bad thing, can it?”

7 bridges brewery vietnam saigon cider collaboration

Pink Guava Creme Soda

Saigon Cider’s Vietnamese Herbal Limeade is made with locally grown limes and mint, in addition to with local Vietnamese herbs including que huong and rau ram, while 7 Bridges has developed a Pink Guava Creme Soda, inspired by local pink guava to create an old-fashioned creme soda. 

Craft beer and ciders are exciting to try and to learn about, especially in a taproom setting, it’s an experience as well as a drink, so why not extend that experience to those who want zero alcohol and create occasions for them too that they can also share alongside those sampling the alcoholic offerings?” said Saigon Cider’s Founder Hannah Jefferys. 

7 bridges saigon cider limeade

Vietnamese Herbal Limeade

The collaboration beverages have just been tapped and are now available for a limited time at 7 Bridges taprooms in Hanoi, Saigon, Danang & Hoi An.

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Oliver Woods

Oliver Woods


Beer Asia

Oliver is a marketing strategist by trade and a craft beer enthusiast by choice. He is the co-founder of Kakilang Brewing Company, a nomadic nano-brewery and lives, works and drinks in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam.

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