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Kveik Brewing: Brew Like A Voss!


Kveik is the new yeast wonder-strain that everybody’s talking about.

During this webinar, Lallemand Brewing’s Gianmaria Ricciardi will explore the development process of the new game-changing LalBrew® Voss Kveik Ale Active Dry Yeast.

He’ll be sharing the results of lab & field trials, how and why the strain was isolated and selected, as well as discussing how to get the best results from your kveik yeast.

Key take-away’s include:

  • Kveik origin & history
  • An understanding of kveik’s fermentation performance
  • Better knowledge of flavour profiles arising from kveik use
  • Potential economic advantages of using kveik active dry yeast

[Webinar originally recorded in May 2020]

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Lallemand Brewing

Lallemand Brewing

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