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ABN Technical Series: Exploring New European Hop Varieties


Presented in partnership with Hopsteiner

Let’s talk about new hop varieties and the application in brewing.

The challenges of climate change require a portfolio of new hop varieties that can cope with drought stress and higher average temperatures. In addition, they must show resistance or at least good tolerance to possible diseases and pests.

Alongside these challenges the modern brewing industry requires hop varieties of high quality with distinct aroma as well as bitterness profiles.

The goal of hop breeding, therefore, is to breed and launch plants that cover these requirements.

In this ABN Technical Series webinar Dr Alexander Feiner, Head of Plant Science & Breeding at Hopsteiner will introduce and discuss the application of the latest European variety releases – Akoya and Solero.

He’ll be covering how they can be used in the brewing industry to create high quality beers and sharing recommendations on their utilization.

You can view this presentation in the link below or on our Asia Brewers Network YouTube Channel.



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