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ABN Technical Series: LUPOMAX® – Optimizing Hop Flavour


Presented in partnership with the Barth Haas Group

How can you optimize hop flavour while also reducing beer loss?

LUPOMAX is a new product innovation from BarthHaas and John I. Haas which is designed to deliver optimized hop flavor by reducing the vegetative matter in your brew. The higher concentration of lupulin in the pellet provides cleaner, more intense hop flavor and reduces beer loss through absorption and the risk of vegetative off flavours.

“We got a lot more flavor, a lot more yield…it was pretty exciting to work with.” Peter Oates, co-founder of Equilibrium Brewing (USA)

First launched in the US with well-known varieties like Citra and Mosaic LUPOMAX is now available in more than 10 US varieties. This year four European varieties were added to the LUPOMAX portfolio: Ariana, Callista, Huell Melon and the famous noble hop Saaz.

LUPOMAX is an enriched hop pellet, enhanced through SensoryPlus™ technology to achieve a bold and consistent flavor.

Lennart Paul-Pax, Brewmaster at the BarthHaas Asia Campus in Beijing, explores this new and innovative product which delivers true-to-type hop flavor and a reliable brewing performance.

Key Take-aways:

  • Learn how LupoMAX has been developed and how to maximize your hop efficiency
  • How the SensoryPlus™ process works and it’s use in the development of LUPOMAX
  • How LupoMAX saves you money in your daily brew

Presentation Time: 20 mins

View this presentation in the link below or on our Asia Brewers Network YouTube Channel



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