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ABN Technical Series: Biotransformation


Presented in partnership with the Barth Haas Group

Biotransformation in beer: new aromas and flavours created through the enzymatic interactions of hop compounds and yeast (hydrolysis).

Biotransformation is currently a topic that can be found everywhere in the brewing world and is the subject of much discussion.

There are over 220 different commercially available hop varieties and at least as many yeast strains. When including non-saccharomyces yeast strains and bacteria, the number of possible combinations is almost unlimited, leaving enough space for exciting brewing experiments and creations.

This webinar, presented by Barth Haas Brewmaster Lennart Paul-Pax, will provide a basic overview of what lies behind the reactions that cause biotransformation. He will also cover what we know so far about these interactions and what you can do to increase the teamwork between your hops and your yeast to create vibrant new flavours in your brews.

Key take-aways from this webinar:

  • Understand which enzymes are important and responsible for biotransformation
  • Which hops tend to have the highest potential for bioflavouring
  • Recommendations for the process to increase the potential for biotransformation in your brews

Session Time: 25 mins

View this presentation in the link below or on our Asia Brewers Network YouTube Channel


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