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ABN Technical Series: Ask Fermentis – Lagers


The good old lager is gaining in popularity around the world among craft brewers, but with nowhere to hide this is not the easiest style to master.

Krishna Rajiv & Simon Jeanpierre (Fermentis) take a look at three popular yeast strains used for lager production SafLager W-34/70, S-23 & S-189 and share a trouble shooting guide along with remedies for some of the issues they have seen which puts many breweries off brewing a lager; notably fermentation temperature, neutrality, diacetyl and acetaldehyde.

By the end of the session you will be able to brew a good lager with confidence thanks to the experts tips and tricks – even in the most adverse of conditions found around the region.

In this session’s key take-away’s learn to:

  • Select the correct yeast for your preferred lager flavour/aroma profile
  • Avoid off flavours
  • Produce a crisp, clean lager beer
  • Enhance the raw material characteristics in your lager

Recording duration: 30 mins.

View this presentation in the link below or on our Asia Brewers Network YouTube Channel.


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