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ABN Technical Series: An Introduction To El Dorado® Hops


ABN Talks El Dorado Technical Webinar promotional flyer with a picture of hopsPresented in partnership with CLS Farms.

Usable in almost all beer styles, El Dorado® hops elicit aromas and flavors of tropical fruitiness like stone fruit, hard candy, pear, watermelon, and pineapple. A dual-purpose hop due to its high alpha acids means brewers can use them throughout the brewing process.

This Technical Webinar hosted by Eric Desmarais (Co-founder, CLS Farms) and Alexandra Nowell (Brewmaster & Dir. of Brewery Operations, Three Weavers Brewing) will introduce the El Dorado® hop, the proprietary hop variety that is surging in demand with US craft brewers.

Eric will provide an overview of CLS Farm’s growing practices and quality commitment with their partner growers while Alexandra will share brewing and analysis data gathered from her experience brewing with El Dorado®

Find out more on:

  • The development and characteristics of El Dorado®
  • Using El Dorado® in you brew as either a bittering or flavour hop
  • The flexibility of the CLS supply chain
  • Technical brewing advice on using El Dorado®
  • Brewing data specific to how the hop is used at Three Weavers Brewing Co.
  • How the hop can be utilized in different parts of the brewing process
  • The aromas and flavors that come from El Dorado® and how it pulls through into beers.
  • Combining El Dorado® with other hops

This is a great introduction to the El Dorado® hop for brewers looking for something to add a new dimension to their brews!

Read more on the rise of the El Dorado® hop HERE (article published by Asia Brewers Network)

The 25 minute presentation from this webinar can be viewed in the link below or on our Asia Brewers Network YouTube Channel HERE


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