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Somersby cider & Kronenbourg launch in Lao

20th February 2023

Lao Brewing Company expands product portfolio with introduction of two new premium beverages.

The Lao Brewing Company, a joint venture between Carlsberg and the Lao government, has recently announced the launch of two new premium alcoholic beverages, Somersby cider and Kronenbourg, in the Lao market.

This move marks a significant expansion of the company’s product portfolio, and also reflects the growing demand for premium beverages in the landlocked Southeast Asian country.

Somersby cider, Carlsberg’s flagship cider brand, is widely consumed in many countries across the world. By introducing this brand to the Lao market, Lao Brewing Company aims to provide consumers with a fruity alternative to the existing alcoholic beverages in the country.

Similarly, the introduction of Kronenbourg, a well-known beer brand from France, is expected to appeal to consumers looking for a premium beer experience.

Lao Brewing Company has been expanding its product range in recent years to cater to the growing demand for premium beverages in Lao. The company has previously released Beer Lao White Lager and Beer Lao IPA, as well as Luang Prabang Beer, which have all been well-received by consumers.

The decision to launch these two new premium brands in Lao is indicative of the growing interest in international brands in the country’s beverage market.

Laos is a rapidly growing economy, and with an increasing number of tourists and expats, there is a growing demand for high-quality, premium beverages.

With the introduction of Somersby cider and Kronenbourg, Lao Brewing Company is expanding its product range and providing consumers with premium alternatives to existing brands in their portfolio. The move reflects the growing demand for premium beverages in Lao, and signals a positive outlook for the country’s beverage market with the company well-positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for high-quality drinks in Lao.

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