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New can design helps achieve the perfect head of beer

15th May 2023

Japanese design studio Nendo has created a new can, with two pull tabs, designed to create the ideal foam for beer.

According to Nendo, having two pull tabs help to create the perfect liquid-to-foam ratio for packaged beer. The pull tabs are angled in such a way to enable precise control of foam levels poured. The can’s designers stated that, “In this way, a glass with a liquid-foam ratio of 7:3, the so-called golden ratio, can now be easily achieved with canned beer.”

How do these double-tabbed cans work? Firstly, don’t pull both at the same time! Pulling the first tab opens the lid just slightly. This applies a certain amount of pressure on the can, assisting the foam to form. This foam is then poured first. The second tab then opens the lid completely, allowing the beer to flow out without any foam or bubbles, creating what many would deem to be a perfect pour.

Pouring beer with the Nendo can

The ‘perfect pour’ from the Nendo can (Image: Nendo Inc.)

When designing the can, the team discovered that with a smaller first opening, the bubbles produced would essentially retain their concentrated size due to the slim opening. The two angled tabs next to each other, but angled slightly away, make opening the can an easier task.

The designers added: “Beer heads are considered essential for having beer taste better. A layer of foam with adequate thickness acts as a lid to prevent beer from coming into contact with the air and keeps it from releasing aroma, flavour, and carbonation.”

According to the design team, the research undertaken for the project was thorough and based on inventing a product that could be easily manufactured and recycled, answer the needs of consumers by being simple to use and also a solution for beer and brewing companies that put flavour first.

Article by:

Andreas Arphan

Andreas Arphan


Hailing from the world of public relations Andreas now provides PR consultancy and editorial services across the region as well as enjoying some of Asia’s finest craft beers from his home base in Malaysia.

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