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Magpie Brewing collab with the Devil

1st October 2021

To commemorate the launch of Diablo® II: Resurrected™ Magpie Brewing Co. have embarked on a collaboration with the game’s creators, Blizzard Entertainment, aimed to stoke the flames of hell itself.

Based on the concept of “The Horadric Cube”, an in-game device that uses alchemy and transmutation in the creation of new and powerful tools, the “Horadric Box” combines different ingredient elements to create 5 beers representing the evils you must face to compete the five acts of the game.

Magpie Brewing CEO Erik Moynihan explains “We started from the idea that this collaboration wasn’t about slapping a logo on a can and calling it a success. Our team are huge fans of the game and have been playing since it was launched 20 years ago.”

“We had to go deeper and make something that really grabbed ahold of the lore of the game and would satisfy those who grew up battling these demons. We knew we could do the game and its fans justice.”

The result? The brewery based on South Korea’s Jeju Island came up with a box of 5 beers, each beer using a color and flavor concept to embody the spirit and elemental attacks that you will face when confronting these demons.

Magpie Brewing and Blizzard Entertainment Horadric Box of beers

The Horadric Box contains 5 limited edition beers based on evils players must face in Diablo® II: Resurrected™

ACT I Andariel : Maiden of Anguish

Green Stout with Mint & Chocolate (8.5% ABV) “To represent Andariel’s poison attack, we wanted to include a complicated flavor with green colored beer. We decided to make a ‘white stout’ – a beer that is pale in color but has dark roasted flavor of a traditional stout, and we colored ours green. It’s a mint-chocolate stout using lactose, cacao, vanilla & coffee.”

ACT II Duriel : Lord of Pain

Blue Lager with Eucalyptus (6% ABV) “This straightforward rice lager was turned deep blue by the addition of the blue spirulina. We wanted to create a beer with a cooling mouthfeel to emulate the freezing stun attack of the demon. The concept of the beer is menthol-like component of eucalyptus parallels the ice cold doom of Duriel’s chamber.”

ACT III Mephisto : Lord of Hatred

Sour Ale with Raspberry & Coconut (7% ABV) “We connected lightning attack of Mephisto with the jolt you receive from the acidity on your first sip of sour beer. We paired this sourness with raspberry puree and coconut to bring out the dark red color of the Lord of Hate.”

ACT IV Diablo : Lord of Terror

Imperial Stout with Cacao, Vanilla, Cinnamon & Spicy Pepper (10% ABV) “The main antagonist and titular character of this series – Diablo is an imperial stout brewed with exceptional ingredients. We wanted the base beer to be slightly sweet, complemented by a balance of peppers, cacao nibs, cinnamon, and vanilla. We chose the fearful carolina reaper peppers to really make sure you feel the flames of hell.”

ACT V Baal : Lord of Destruction

Belgian Golden Strong (10% ABV) “Baal is the most brash and reckless of the Prime Evils – the final boss of the game. We wanted to include one beer that is a little more serious and classic – so of course we chose the beer style that is often named in honor of the devil himself. Expect notes of pomme fruit like apple and pear, and some typical Trappist spice. This beer features no special adjunct ingredients and is a classic take on a Belgian Golden Strong style. If you’ve ever had Magpie’s – “the Sinner” you’ll know what to expect.”

The beers go on sale from October 1st and will be available at all Magpie locations, CU Smart Order, and Wine & More locations across Korea. They are also available to order through the Magpie Brewing website.

The brewery aims to also make international sales of the box available, though this will depend on the region you live in (please email [email protected] for more information).

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