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Heineken Opens Southeast Asia’s Largest Brewery

5th October 2022

Heineken has opened Southeast Asia’s largest brewery in southern Vietnam.

Located in Ba Ria – Vung Tau, the brewery is Heineken’s largest Asia-Pacific facility, with an annual brewing capacity of 11 million hectolitres.

While the brewery license itself isn’t new – it was acquired by Heineken from Carlsberg in 2016 as part of their aggressive expansion strategy in Southeast Asia and Vietnam in particular – the Dutch brewing giant has significantly expanded and upgraded existing facilities.

With the ability to fill up to 12 million cans of beer daily, Heineken claims it is one of their “most productive” and fastest breweries worldwide.

“I’d like to share how incredibly proud we are of the many teams and colleagues working on the Vung Tau 11 million hectolitre expansion and how deeply we thank all the authorities, suppliers, business partners and customers who stood shoulder to shoulder with us to bring it to life,” shared Heineken CEO Dolf van den Brink.

“The level of passion, the level of resilience, and the winning spirit are all unique to Vietnam.”

Besides scale and speed, the brewery has strong green credentials: it sources 97% of its thermal energy from a biomass plant in a nearby industrial zone, sends zero waste to landfill and uses only 2.32 litres of water per litre of beer.

It is also a welcome addition to the local economy, indirectly supporting over 200 new jobs and being the top 3 budget contributors through taxes to the provincial government’s coffers.

On a lighter note, in a unique move to celebrate the Vung Tau brewery opening, Heineken recorded a music video featuring the new Vung Tau facility and local staff members dancing along.

Article by:

Oliver Woods

Oliver Woods


Beer Asia

Oliver is a marketing strategist by trade and a craft beer enthusiast by choice. He is the co-founder of Kakilang Brewing Company, a nomadic nano-brewery and lives, works and drinks in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam. You can find him on Twitter @oiwoods

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