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Workshops to engage SEA Brew ’22 delegates


This year’s SEA Brew will see more interactive sessions than ever before as the organizers seek greater opportunities for interplay between delegates and presenters.

“We are mindful of the changing face of conferencing and wanted to bring as many interactive sessions into SEA Brew 2022 as we could to engage our delegates” said conference Director Charles Guerrier. “Since the pandemic conference organizers have noticed a drop in the attention levels of attendees so we want to ensure our presenters have the maximum impact and delegates leave with clear and valuable lessons they can implement to help their businesses”.

Delegates are engaged in beer sensory training at SEA Brew 2019 with Siebel Institute

The Siebel Institute Off-Flavours workshop was a highlight of SEA Brew 2019

Hops will be at the centre of these interactive sessions with sensory workshops from Barth Haas featuring a sampling of their Innovation Range as well as Totally Natural Solutions’ Build-A-Beer workshop. The Siebel Institute will be running another off-flavour identification and solution workshop which proved a highlight of SEA Brew 2019 and there will also be the ever popular Conference Brew Tasting Session, led by experts from Barth, Fermentis and Joe White Maltings.

But it’s not all about brewery operations – there is a strong emphasis on the business of beer as well this year. There will be workshops on product premiumisation, digital marketing and the use of KPI’s to measure business success.

Here’s a snapshot of what to expect:

Barth Haas Inspiration Range – Seabrew 2022
The BarthHaas Inspiration Range unites creativity, the latest brewing trends, passionate craftsmanship, innovative hop products and varieties. The Barth Haas Brewing Solutions team has set its sights on concepts beyond beer and is presenting four non-alcoholic hop-based beverages in a sensory tasting session. Attendees will have the opportunity to try: Hop Water (a low-calorie, carbonated soft drink with hop aroma, picks up on a current trend from the USA), Hop Tonic Water (using hops in place of quinine), Kombucha and a non-alcoholic beer.

Build A Beer Workshop
Join Colin Wilson of Totally Natural Solutions for a demonstration of the sensory application of hop oils across a range of craft beer styles using their innovative HopInspiration® natural hop extracts. During this workshop you will use hop oil samples to create your own beer profiles while learning how to incorporate HopInspiration® hop oils into your current and future beer recipes.

Raising The Bar: Answering the Challenge of Premiumisation
In this workshop, craft beer marketing specialist Grace Whitby (of Vietnam’s Heart of Darkness Brewery) will explore what premiumisation looks like in the beer sector, and run through a practical exercise covering the key steps and questions you need to ask to ensure your brewery is ready to answer the ever evolving sales challenge.

Using KPIs for Brewery Success!
Beer 30’s Pulkit Agrawal will lead a session focusing on the three step process to setting up key measurable metrics for business success along the way answering (1) WHAT & WHY – The importance of setting metrics and measurable goals at your brewery in four key areas or Process & Quality, Operations & People, Marketing and Sales. (2) HOW – How to set up these metrics at your brewery. (3) EVALUATE – Identify what success looks like and how to improve the results for the future.

“We want our delegates to be energized and return to their breweries with new tools to drive their businesses forward” remarks Guerrier “SEA Brew should be a platform for sharing innovative as well as tried-and-tested ideas.”

The annual conference and trade fair, back after 2 years online, will be held in Bangkok’s Berkeley Hotel on 27th & 28th October.

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