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A new way to clarify your beer


For beer enthusiasts and brewers alike, the appearance and taste of a beer are essential factors in determining its quality.

Haze in beer, caused by suspended particles, can negatively impact taste, visual appeal, and shelf life. More specifically, the most common permanent haze formation is interaction between haze forming (sensitive) proteins and haze forming (tannoid) polyphenols forms a visible colloidal haze that limits the stability of a product.

So, what exactly is stability?

The colloidal stability of beer is the period when it can be stored until its haze value (turbidity) becomes unacceptable, greatly impacting shelf life.

There are a couple of traditional ways to prevent haze in beer.

1. Remove the sensitive proteins (containing proline) (Silica Gels)
2. Remove the polyphenols before any oxidation can happen (PVPP)

Now there is a third using a targeted enzyme to cleave off the reactive part of the sensitive protein, where the bond between proline and polyphenol would normally occur.

Introducing Clarizyme™

Clarizyme™, an innovative beer stabilization technology from AB Vickers that offers a convenient and cost-effective solution for breweries all over the world. It is a highly specific fungal endopeptidase enzyme, that targets haze-sensitive polypeptides at the carboxyl end of the amino acid proline, preventing haze in beer without affecting other beer quality aspects, specifically foam.

Clarizyme™ acts by breaking down haze-sensitive polypeptides, inhibiting precipitation with polyphenols.

There are many benefits to consider when thinking of using Clarizyme™:

  • Little-to-no investment or equipment needed
  • Increases maturation production capacity
  • Shortens processing time
  • Prevents chill haze in beer keeping and ensuring quality and prolonging shelf life
  • Can be used with all kinds of malts and other raw materials, making it a versatile brewing

Gluten-reducing benefits

This same process also degrades gluten into peptides thus reducing gluten into undetectable amounts
(adequate dosage required). This enables the production of gluten-free/gluten-reduced beer from
barley malt depending on the legislation of each country.

With AB Vickers Clarizyme™, you can both reduce gluten and stabilize haze without affecting the taste,
flavor, body, or mouthfeel of your beer. For more information, please check HERE

AB Vickers Clarizyme

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