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Malteries Soufflet finalises acquisition of Castle Malting


Paris, France, 1 March, 2023

Malteries Soufflet and Jean Louis Dourcy, majority shareholder of La Malterie du Château®, yesterday signed off on the acquisition of 100% of the Belgian company by Malteries Soufflet.

Soufflet and La Malterie du Château owners

From left to right: Guillaume Couture, Jean-Louis Dourcy, Steev Dourcy (Mr Dourcy’s son), Marion Jacob (M&A InVivo), Elisabeth Dourcy (Mr Dourcy’s daughter)

Thierry Blandinières, CEO of InVivo, had the following to say regarding the acquisition: “La Malterie du Château® strengthens the malt business more globally, which is strategically important for our group. We want to make it one of the founding pillars of our economic model and make Malteries Soufflet a world leader.”

Guillaume Couture, CEO of Malteries Soufflet: “The diversity and exceptional nature of the range of traditional malts and hops that the Malterie du Château group has, combined with the worldwide network of Malteries Soufflet, gives us a valuable advantage in terms of developing our activity in the craft market with increased added value, and in terms of responding to the growing demand of craft brewers and distillers worldwide.”

About Malteries Soufflet — InVivo group
Malteries Soufflet is one of the world’s leading operators in the malt industry, with 11.0% of the world market and nearly 1200 employees working in 28 malt houses across Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa, with an annual production capacity of 2.4 million tonnes of malt.

Malteries Soufflet meets the most exacting specifications of its customers—from major and craft brewers to distillers and ingredient producers—in each of the countries where it operates, thanks to its expertise in the barley sector. From seed to beer, from the selection of new varieties to the choice of the best quality of barley, the supply of brewing-quality malt is an irreplaceable strategic asset.

Malteries Soufflet produces the finest malts—standard or speciality, pilsen, roasted or organic—while also seeking continuous improvement in the sustainability of its products.

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