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Introducing Bottup Dunkel, World’s First Craft Beer NFT Series


bottup craft beer nft today announced the launch of their first craft beer line, Bottup Dunkel, the world’s first craft beer NFT series for the metaverse!  

Bottup Dunkel is a special dark beer with roasted caramel, after-taste dark chocolate coffee flavor. It is a unique recipe brewed using carefully sourced hops and organic quality ingredients that you can drink with any meal and in all seasons throughout the year.

Most notably, Bottup Dunkel comes with a signature line of NFT art depicting goblins as metaverse characters, with each bottle featuring a goblin from the dark realm. These NFTs are printed on the bottle label as intricate designs of specific metaverse characters, and they are also available as digital images in the form of NFT tokens that owners can sell on marketplaces. 

The story behind Bottup Dunkel NFT goes like this:

“In a dark realm where minions roam in drunken stupor, who might become the king of the realm?”. In a world where goblins reside, as the dispute on who should be the king continues on, a wise and not-so-drunk elder proposes to have the finest goblins participate in a competition, where the winner will become the king among them…

For this first line of craft beer, only 200 goblin NFTs will be produced and available for purchase. On February 14th, the project is listing 50 Bottup Dunkel NFTs on marketplace for sale, including 5 rare “legendary” NFTs, as part of a special pre-sale event in preparation for the open public order for Bottup Dunkel beer.

The pre-sale is offering discounted prices for Bottup NFTs, as later these NFTs will only be available through auction. The Bottup NFT collection is available here:

Owners of Bottup NFT during the launch can choose to have the specific beer bottle sent to them to collect these beautiful, one-of-a-kind physical relics as well as digital images for exclusive collectible bragging rights.

Additionally, future plans for Bottup also include enabling utility value on top of being mere digital collectibles. Users can use Bottup NFTs to purchase exclusive alcohol beverages from Bottup, shipped internationally. There will also be other use cases such as real-world adoption and entertainment usage while you are drinking. This gives Bottup NFTs groundbreaking use cases as a tool for F&B eCommerce, creating a unique ecosystem where you can “earn while you drink”.

nfts in beer industry bottup singapore

Based in Singapore, one of the top beer cities in Asia, Bottup was founded by three beer-loving friends who aim to disrupt the traditional alcoholic beverage industry with the modern technologies of eCommerce and digital assets.

The team’s brew master, Mario Nube, is an alcohol beverage supply chain and brewery expert who is currently a critic and advisor for local alcohol beverage productions.

Andy Velski, the team’s artist and creative head, has over 12 years in the realm of animation with deep expertise in games, comics, and art direction. 

The project lead, Lawrence Lin, has over 15 years of experience in the cryptocurrency industry, having founded a SEA-licensed exchange as well as an industry-leading crypto finance platform, who is also passionate about creative media and storytelling.

Together, the three friends are brewing up special craft beer recipes that come with their own intriguing metaverse characters and stories, starting with this first beer line Bottup Dunkel. 

“It is our desire to produce fine craft beer brews and share them globally through NFT and e-commerce distribution, free of the expensive supply chains and distribution networks that multinational alcohol companies take centralized control over”, stated the team.

About Bottup

We brew the finest craft beer bottles infused with unique NFT art you can trade or simply get more beer! was established on 1st April 2021 to leverage emerging technologies such as NFT and eCommerce to disrupt the low-tech alcohol beverage industry. 

It is our desire to produce unique craft beer brews and share them throughout the globe without the cumbersome, expensive supply chain and distribution networks that the hyper centralized large multinational alcohol companies have control over.

We are proud to present the 1st brew in our pipeline of 2 pairings, making it a total of 4 of our own craft beer recipes that we have R&D ourselves.

Visit our official website at and follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to stay sober for all the latest updates.


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