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BarthHaas publishes Hop Harvest Guide 2022


Nuremberg, Germany, 24 February, 2023

Global hop specialist BarthHaas has just published its Hop Harvest Guide 2022.

Brewing and hop professionals from all over the world appreciate it as a comprehensive vintage guide documenting the quality of the most recent hop harvest. It helps brewers adapt their processes and recipes to the changes in the respective hop crop.

This year, more than ever, the Hop Harvest Guide can be a valuable indicator to brewers, because
the very poor hop harvest is challenging even experienced professionals. Due to the severe
drought and heat this year, not only were far fewer hops harvested than in average years, but the
alpha values were also lower than usual.

This goes hand in hand with weaker and characteristically changed aromas.

“Our analyses show the fruity aromas of the current vintage to be rather restrained and giving way to floral, woody and menthol notes,” explains Dr. Christina Schönberger, Head of the Brewing Solutions Team at BarthHaas. “It may be advisable to modify the quantity and timing of hop additions and consider a sensory blend of hop varieties.”

With the help of the Hop Harvest Guide, the recipes of beers can be adapted to the new taste
profiles of the hops.

BarthHaas Hop Harvest Guide 2022

(Photo: BarthHaas)

Created annually, the Hop Harvest Guide is produced by the BarthHaas Brewing Solutions team. For this purpose, representative samples of the respective hop variety are analyzed, and the sensory properties are described. Meaningful flavor profiles, valuable analysis data and essential background information make it the reference work for all those who deal professionally with hops and hop flavor.

On 80 pages readers learn how the taste and aroma characteristics of the 34 most important hop
varieties have changed in the harvest year 2022 compared to their typical varietal aroma characteristics. The distinct flavor profiles are clearly displayed and supplemented by additional background information.

Based on the unequivocal Rose chart representations, readers can quickly and easily orient themselves in the flavor profiles of the 2022 harvest.

Brewers who are unsure how to ensure the characteristic flavor profiles of their beers considering
the difficult crop will find advice and support from the Brewing Solutions team ([email protected]).

The BarthHaas Hop Harvest Guide is offered in English and can now be downloaded free of charge

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