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ABN Technical Series: 2021 Hop Market Update


Presented in partnership with the BarthHaas Group

In this Hop Market Update, Barth Haas Field Services Account Manager Hannes Schneeberger will bring brewers up to speed on the current state of the hop industry & the 2021 harvest.

The goal is to help brewers understand the market & enable them to make reasonable choices in their sourcing efforts including contract strategy and variety choice.

As the world market leader, BarthHaas is known for its expertise on hop market data. Hannes will provide unique insights and lay out the bigger picture for the industry as a whole.

In order to do this, he will dive into the hop supply situation regarding the main growing regions & key varieties. Acreage, yield & alpha-acid yield are the relevant factors and therefore will be illustrated in comparison to the previous years. He will also elaborate on the 2021 crop performance of popular varieties.

To fully understand the demand side of the hop industry he will look at beer output in the main markets. Important characteristics of the beer market such as the development of hop dosage & craft beer will be put into consideration.

The key take-aways for this session on the trends in the global hop market are:

  • Insights on variety-specific growing performance in crop 2021;
  • The alpha-acid balance & it’s impact on the spot market;
  • The contract situation in the hop market.

Session Time: 45 mins (20 min presentation/25 min interactive Question & Answer)

Date: 12th October (Tues)

Time: 5pm HKG/PHI/SIN, 4pm THA/VIE, 2:30pm IND

View the full presentation here on the Asia Brewers Network YouTube Channel:


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