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Far Yeast Brewing enter Indonesian craft beer market

12th September 2021

Japan’s Far Yeast Brewing Company (Far Yeast) are continuing their international expansion by launching their core range of beers in Indonesia.

The Yamanashi Prefecture based brewery is teaming up with experienced beer distributors Beervana International to sell their Tokyo White, Tokyo Blonde and Tokyo IPA labels across the Southeast Asian archipelago.

Distribution across Indonesia was schedule to start in early September focussing initially on the capital Jakarta and tourist destination Bali. Together the popular destinations account for approximately 70% of all beer sales in Indonesia.

The craft beer market in Jakarta is currently witnessing a boom driven by young returning Indonesians who have tried craft beers overseas as well as the local expatriate population, including many Japanese.

Tokyo Blonde Tokyo White Tokyo IPA Far Yeast Brewing

Far Yeast Brewing will launch Tokyo Blonde, Tokyo White & Tokyo IPA in Indonesia

In Bali, one of the world’s top tourist destinations, craft beer is also enjoying an increase in popularity. The Asia Brewers Network understands there are currently several new breweries in planning for the island and recently award winning head brewer Duane Morton joined Bali’s Black Sand Brewery from Vietnam’s Heart of Darkness Brewery.

There are many Japanese craft beer fans in Indonesia, but due to the complexities of liquor import registration and procedures, only a few brands are currently available.

Through Beervana International’s extensive sales network Far Yeast Brewing are looking forward to bringing their products to many thirsty Indonesian craft beer fans.

With the start of sales in Indonesia Far Yeast Brewing will be present now in 25 different countries around the world. Already available in many Asian markets, 2020 saw the launch of their core range in China.

Says founder and CEO Shiro Yamada “We will continue to strive to deliver the high-quality taste of craft beer from Japan to the world”.

“In Indonesia, Far Yeast will be the first premium Japanese craft beer available, we expect to bring this Craft Beer revolution to Japanese Fine Dining places in Indonesia and for Far Yeast to open channels that we were not available in before” he continues.

Beervana, Far Yeast’s distribution partner in Indonesia, is one of Southeast Asia’s original international craft beer importers & distributors and has remained at the forefront of the craft beer scene since it first started importing USA beers into Thailand in 2012. They now have offices in Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.

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Charles Guerrier

Charles Guerrier

Charles founded SEA Brew in 2015 and is now responsible for the running of the Asia Brewers Network and associated activities. He travels extensively throughout the region putting his Beer Sommelier accreditation to good use.

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