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Optimizing Your Late & Dry Hopping (SEA Brew ’21)


As breweries look to rebuild their businesses following the impact of the pandemic they are facing the challenge of ever-increasing hop dosage rates to satisfy the market’s craving for more and more juicy beers.

Dosing rates of over 15 g/l for dry hopping are no longer a rarity, however, these ever-increasing dosage rates present breweries with new challenges, not only finically but also technologically.

This can put a strain on company finances at a time when businesses are trying to minimize costs and maximize efficiency in order to be competitive in the marketplace and grow market share.

In this technical webinar from SEA Brew 2021 Lennart Paul-Pax, Brewmaster with the Barth Haas Group,  look into the losses caused by late and dry hopping additions and how you can to minimize them to produce more economically efficient beers.

Some key take-aways from this webinar:

  • Dosing rates should be calculated as millilitres/hectolitre (ml/hl) NOT grams/hectolitre (g/hl)
  •  More that 500 g/hl dosing in the whirlpool leads to greater inefficiency
  • The best way to achieve consistent and efficient results is to use a combination of hop products

View the full (22min) webinar in the link below


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