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Delivering The Goods: How To Drive More Online Beer Sales In 2021


The new wave of COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions has caught many in Asia’s beer industry off-guard. 

In the early days of the pandemic, the basics of offering delivery and doing better online marketing were enough to keep businesses afloat.

As more businesses have levelled up their digital experiences, the landscape has become much more competitive for beer delivery.

In Singapore alone, more than sixty services offer some kind of craft beer delivery options.

As your competition has evolved from specialist craft beer retailers to supermarkets and eCommerce platforms, driving delivery and pickup now requires digital hand-to-hand combat.

If your business is struggling to make your delivery offering profitable, we’ve pulled together a collection of ideas and best practices to help.

Using Search To Drive Deliveries

The search engine results page (SERP) is the latest battleground for Asian breweries.

Search is a subject that may seem tedious, but it is now the primary way internet users (yes, that means beer drinkers too!) around Asia-Pacific discover new brands.

In Singapore alone, searches for craft beer delivery have seen a 40% increase in the past seven days according to Google Trends data.

To ensure your brewery or bar is driving delivery orders from search, here are the basics to get right:

  • Have a well-optimised, content-rich eCommerce section on your website. Platforms like WooCommerce and Shopify make this easy to implement quickly. 
  • Make your beers stand out on the virtual shelf. Use high-resolution photography and include well-written product descriptions.
  • Ensure keywords like ‘beer delivery’ and ‘alcohol delivery’ are woven into headings and body text on relevant pages throughout your website. 
  • Incentivise customers to review your products on your website and Google My Business presence. Reviews help improve search rankings and drive social proof (which drives more sales in the long run).

From Fans To Influencers

While there is an industry-wide imperative to win new drinkers over to our premium beer brands, don’t forget about your most passionate enthusiasts: your existing drinkers.

Engaging existing fans and turning them into more vocal advocates can help boost awareness of your delivery offerings. With a bit of extra effort, you can inspire your customers to share their delivery experiences.

Some ideas and suggestions include:

  • Use e-mail blasts to give your fans unique discount codes and special offers. Provide exclusive experiences – interviews, virtual tours, content – that will inspire them to tell your friends.
  • Send personalised cards with deliveries to regular buyers. The more photogenic and touching, the more likely the recipient will post on their Instagram or Facebook.
  • Give early access to seasonal releases or new collabs to customers who regularly pick up or order delivery through social media and your website.

Applying Best Practices From Outside The Industry

Most players in the beer industry are laggards when it comes to e-commerce. Rather than copying competitors or making incremental changes to your existing e-commerce strategy, start looking for inspiration in categories like fast food, fashion and consumer electronics.

  • Fast, same-day delivery is absolutely essential within your key cities and regions. Online shoppers expect speed and efficiency: waiting days for a case of beer is totally unacceptable in 2021.
  • Explore the marketing tactics that platforms like Grab, GoJek and Foodpanda use to promote urgency and push people into ordering delivery. 
  • Analyse how popular e-commerce platforms like Lazada, Shopee and Alibaba drive demand and sales. From shopping festivals to Livestream sales, these platforms are rich in ready-to-steal sales tactics.
  • Look at strategies and tactics that have driven success in other sectors and verticals. An excellent regional example is FACTORS, a model developed by experienced marketer Shreyas Subbaraya to drive better eCommerce performance.


Article by:

Oliver Woods

Oliver Woods


Beer Asia

Oliver is a marketing strategist by trade and a craft beer enthusiast by choice. He is the founder of consulting firm Beer Asia and lives, works and drinks between Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Saigon, Vietnam. You can find him on Twitter @oiwoods

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