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Research at the heart of the new BarthHaas Asia Campus, Beijing


In the basement of our BarthHaas Asia Campus in Beijing you’ll not be confronted by cabinets of old files and dusty boxes, instead you’ll find a shiny new state-of-the art Kaspar Schulz brewery, specially imported from Bamberg, Germany.

The 2.5HL brewhouse with an assortment of 10 fermentation tanks of various sizes has been commissioned to help our company, one of the world’s leading hop suppliers, advance research into this essential brewing ingredient.

BarthHaas, still a family-owned company after 225 years, has been specializing in the creative and efficient use of hops and hop products helping shape the market surrounding this unique raw material since 1794.

As such there has been a long tradition of having excellent and a broad range of brewing equipment on hand within the BarthHaas Group. Their first research brewery ‘Research Brewery St. Johann’ was opened in 1988 and has been operating since 1998 under the management of brewmaster Andreas Gahr.

Our next brewing kit, manufactured by German fabricator Esau & Huber, was installed in Yakima, USA, at our sister company John I. Haas. A third, 1HL research brewery was then established at the BarthHaas headquarters in Nuremberg in 2019 during its renovation.

Due to the huge success of these breweries the decision was taken to install a facility in China that could offer a similar services to our Asian customers. The decision was taken to invest in a larger 2.5HL for the Asian market, a system that now stands as the showpiece of the BarthHaas Asia Campus in Beijing.

Kaspar Schulz brewery Barth Haas Campus Beijing

The Kaspar Schulz brewery at BarthHaas Asia Campus, Beijing (Photo: BarthHaas)

The 2.5HL automatic brewhouse has been commissioned to be a highly flexible system and boasts 4 x 2.5 hl and 6 x 1.5 HL volume fermentation vessels to enable split wort batches for the production of two different beers from one base. In this way our team at the brewery can run single-factor trials in a faster and more economical way.

The brewery is also equipped with a microbiology lab and a broad range of instrumental lab equipment to monitor and control every step of the brewing process and to give our customers the most detailed insights into the wort, fermentation phases and final beer as possible.

As well as in-house research, this system is also available to BarthHaas clients and already several technical service projects have been carried out with industrial & craft breweries, helping to refine recipe development and raw material testing. A high level of client confidentiality is maintained for these projects with the topics and results of private research known only to us and our clients.

The produced sample quantities of these research projects, up to 200 l, can be shipped either in barrel or bottle to partners across Asia.

If you’d like to know more about the planning and implementation of research projects or undergo staff training in our company please reach out to our Campus Manager Mr. Ding by mail via ding.mingliang @

Research activity at the Barth Haas Campus Beijing

(Photo: BarthHaas)

At the same time, campus is a platform to communicate with customers, partners, and friends across the whole globe. In.

Photo: Ms. Hanh Tran from HMG, the Exclusive Agent of Barth Haas Group in Vietnam, had an education program training on new hop products at campus for two weeks (June 2023)

At our Asia Campus you can feel the true passion for hops and the love for beer. An experienced young team of brewmasters combined with modern brewing technology, make the brewery a place where ideas can be exchanged, and creativity brewed.

Our goal is to share our knowledge of hops and along with our partners, Weyermann and Fermentis, we explore the boundaries of beer flavor, and create the most attractive flavors here.

As a testament to our brewers abilities, in last year’s Asia Beer Championship our BarthHaas Campus Asia brought home two medals with brews from our new system; Not for Adults (Bronze medal, Experimental Beer Category) and Summer Breeze (Silver Medal, Gose Category). Any idea can be realized and implemented on our campus, tailored to your ideas and requirements.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our booth at Brew Asia ’23 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where Campus Manager Mr. Ding Mingliang will be delighted to tell you more about our campus and it’s offerings.

For further information about the BarthHaas Asia Campus, please contact Mr. Ding Mingliang via mail: ding.mingliang @ or join the Barth Haas team at Brew Asia this October in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Barth Haas Campus official opening

The BarthHaas Asia Campus, Beijing officially opened in September 2023 (Photo: BarthHaas)

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