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Asia Beer Championship


Awarding Excellence In Asian Brewing

The Asia Beer Championship is awards programme run by the Asia Brewers Network, an independent body, for the region’s brewing industry.

The fourth edition of this annual competition to award Asia’s best brews will be judged in Singapore this coming November.

Supporting the rapidly developing craft and premium beer culture in the Asian region the competition provides a trusted quality benchmark for consumers as well as independent feedback to the regions’ brewers.

Beers & Ciders can enter any of the 22 different style categories selected for this year’s competition based on their popularity in the region.

The top 3 beers in each category will be awarded Gold, Silver & Bronze certificates respectively.

All beers that reach a pre-determined quality level will receive a “Chairman’s Selection” accolade.

Entrants will benefit from independent expert feedback with the judges tasting notes for all entries returned to brewers to aid in the development of their recipes & processes.

Find out more at (registrations close 31st August 2020)



Location: Singapore

Date: 7th-8th October 2021

Time: 9:00 am-5:00 pm

Cost: 75

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