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Brew Asia Technical Session – Seoul 2023


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We’re hitting the road! 2023 will see the relaunch around the region of our successful Brew Asia Technical Sessions (first run in 2019).

These one day technical sessions are designed to bring more accessible technical knowledge to brewers around the region. Each session will consist of a one day curated technical programme with a mix of
presentations, workshops and discussion groups around key industry topics.

Seoul Technical Programme, 16th June 2023

0900 Registration
0915 IntroductionCharles Guerrier (Asia Brewers Network)
0920 Unleashing the Potential of Base and Specialty Malts: Technical Solutions for Craft BrewersEdwin Yang (Rep. Castle Malting)
1005 Drivers of Flavour Instability – A Practical Approach to Improve Flavour QualityChris Nueter (Co-founder, Nuts & Bolts)
1105 Coffee Break
1130 Siebel Sour Sensory Workshop* – Daniel McCulloch (Regional Manager, Lallemand Brewing)
1230 Lunch
1345 Recipe Retrofit – Using Survivables Research for BrewingAlvin Teo (Sales Manager, Yakima Chief Hops)
1430 Expanding your Craft Brewery LaboratoryMichael Jordan (Brewmaster, Engkanto Brewery)
1515 Coffee Break
1545 Warm Fermented Lagers? That’s Not Cool?!Richard Chamberlin (Tech. Manager, Lallemand Brewing)
1630 Experts Panel DiscussionChris, Michael, Richard & Alvin
1730 END
1800 Networking DrinksArtmonster Gangnam


Cost: Early Bird KRW 70,000 (before 9th June) // KRW 100,000 (after 9th June)

Limited to 60 pax, please CONTACT US for booking link

Audience photo's at Brew Asia Brewers Technical Sessions

Session Summaries

Unleashing the Potential of Base and Specialty Malts: Technical Solutions for Craft Brewers (Edwin Yang, Representative, Castle Malting)

In this upcoming presentation, we will explore technical solutions for craft brewers to leverage the unique characteristics of base and specialty malts. Topics include malt selection, recipe development, mashing techniques, and malt handling. We’ll emphasize utilizing malts to enhance flavor, color, and mouthfeel. The session encourages experimentation and offers ongoing support from Castle Malting’s technical team. Join us to unlock the full potential of base and specialty malts in your brewing journey.

Drivers of Flavour Instability – A Practical Approach to Improve Flavour Quality (Chris Nueter, Nuts & Bolts)

The ability to produce, supply and sell product(s) at a consistently high level of quality is essential in developing a brand. At some stage a brewery may need to increase production capacity and/or find partners to grow their (inter-)national distribution. If this should be successful, the products must meet the expectations of both distribution partners and customers towards the shelf life and flavour stability of the products. This session will outline the most important technical and technological drivers of flavour instability and provide a practical approach to improve your products step-by-step.

Siebel Sour Sensory Workshop (Daniel McCulloch, Lallemand Brewing)

During this hand’s on sensory workshop Daniel McCulloch will be presenting 6 frequently encountered flavours common to sour beer styles using the newly developed Siebel Sour Sensory Kit. Along with a full instructed tasting, this session will include a deep dive into the flavours found in sour beers, how they are produced and a demonstration on how to prepare tasting samples for your team and how to perform your own in-house sensory training session. It will also include troubleshooting tips that can assist to prevent or avoid sour flavours, or in the case of desirables increasing them.

Recipe Retrofit – Using Survivables Research for Brewing (Alvin Teo, Yakima Chief Hops)

This seminar will take you through an examination into the effect on the aroma profile of beer when swapping hop varieties with low survivable flavour and aroma compounds (those that don’t survive the brewing process) for varieties that have been identified as containing high survivables (those that do). It will also explore the impact of different hop addition timings in achieving your desired aroma flavour profiles.

Expanding your Craft Brewery Laboratory (Michael Jordan, Engkanto Brewery)

Brewery lab expansion can be accomplished in gradual stages with key considerations if you’re a packaging brewery or a brewpub with growth aspirations. Michael Jordan will discuss how to take your brewery laboratory from basic to advanced regardless of brewery size. He’ll also be reviewing other factors such as in-house testing versus 3rd party testing and with ROI considerations at the heart of your decisions.

Warm Fermented Lagers? That’s Not Cool?!  (Richard Chamberlin, Lallemand Brewing)

Lager style beers are often defined by their clean, crisp flavour profile resulting from leisurely, cool fermentations and long cold maturation periods. However, this method can put strain on production timelines, utility usage and associated energy costs, particularly in warmer, tropical climates. In this session we will look into traditional lager production methods, the problems that these can cause in the brewery and how advancements in yeast technology and alternative fermentation methods have enabled the use of warmer fermentations and reduced maturation times. Examples of where the commercially available strain, LalBrew NovaLager, to achieve authentic lager beers in reduced time will also be covered.

Experts Panel Discussion

Raise your questions with the experts – or your colleagues in the room. With all the deep-dive technical work done for the day, this is your chance to get to grips with pressing global and local industry issues as well as any technical questions you’d still like to raise with the days’ presenters.

Location: Aiden @ Cheongdam

Date: 16th June 2023

Time: 9:00 am-6:00 pm

Cost: TBD