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Brew Asia Technical Session – Pune



Date: 18th & 19th April 2024

*This session is spread over 2 days

Brew Asia Technical Session Pune Presenters

Technical Seminars | Discussion Groups | Sensory Training

Working closely with industry partners and guest presenters each Brew Asia Technical Session consists of a carefully curated one day technical programme with a mix of presentations, workshops and discussion groups around key industry topics bringing more accessible technical knowledge and best practice theory to craft brewers throughout the region.

Pune Programme

DAY 1 – Hyatt Hotel (No. 88 Nagar Road)

12:30 – Registration
13:00 – Sulphur Prevention, Reduction, Removal(?) in Beer (Daniel McCulloch, Lallemand Brewing)
14:00 – From Hops to Hashtags: Building & Sustaining A Powerful Craft Beer Brand In 2024 (Oliver Woods, Beer Asia)
15:00 – Break
15:30 – Unleashing the Potential of Base and Specialty Malts: Technical Solutions for Craft Brewers (Perry Lam, H.K. Lovecraft) *Representing Castle Malting
16:30 – Elevating Sales and Engaging Consumers Through Beer Education. (Anudeep Reddy Mutyala, Advanced Cicerone®)
17:30 – End Day 1
18:00 – Social Drinks @ Great State Aleworks Taproom

DAY 2 – Doolally Taproom (2nd Floor, KOPA Mall, Village, Mundhwa Rd, Koregaon Park)

09:00 – Registration
09:15 – Beer Stability and Canning Best Practices (Mitch Griboff, Brewerkz)
10:30 – Siebel Sensory Session – Sulphurs in Beer (Joshua Easton, Lallemand Brewing)
11:30 – Break
12:00 – Experts Discussion Panel (Chair: Manu Misra, Oi Brewing Company)
13:00 – Lunch
14:00 – End

*Session order subject to change


Cost: INR 7,500/$90 Early Bird (before 5th April) // INR 9,500/$115 (6th April onwards)

Includes: 2 Days of Technical Sessions, High Tea break & Welcome Drink Thursday evening, Breakfast snacks & Lunch on Friday.

Tickets: Available from 24th March (limited to 50 pax)

Inquiries: Please Contact Us

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Session Summaries

Session Title: Sulphur Prevention, Reduction, Removal(?) in Beer.
Session Summary: A comprehensive overview on the pivotal role sulphur compounds play in the brewing process. Helping you identify and examine key sulphur compounds such as hydrogen sulphide, dimethyl sulphide, and mercaptans; shedding light on their origins and influence on the final beer.
Strategies will be shared with real-world case studies on prevention and mitigation control to help minimize unwanted sulphur compounds.
This session also delves into essential brewing best practices on tweaking parameters associated with Wheat Beer Production helping you unlock the potential of this timeless and refreshing style.
Presenter: Daniel McCulloch (Lallemand Brewing, Regional Manager, Asia)

Session Title: From Hops to Hashtags: Building & Sustaining A Powerful Craft Beer Brand In 2024
Session Summary: From advertising restrictions and talent shortages to the impact of AI and growing competition, crafting a sustainable brand has never been more mission-critical for breweries. This interactive workshop, led by Oliver Woods, an ad industry veteran and now a beer marketer, is designed to arm you with best practice strategies and creative tactics for beer brand building. From smart packaging and brand sustainability to leveraging the power of digital and social media platforms to forge deep connections with your audience, everyone from budding brewpubs to established breweries will be able to find value in the workshop.
Presenter: Oliver Woods (Founder, Beer Asia)

Session Title: Unleashing the Potential of Base and Specialty Malts: Technical Solutions for Craft Brewers
Session Summary: Master Brewer Perry Lam we will explore technical solutions for craft brewers leveraging the unique characteristics of base and specialty malts. Topics include malt selection, recipe development, mashing techniques, and malt handling. He’ll cover how to use malts to enhance flavour, colour, and mouthfeel. Join us to unlock the full potential of base and specialty malts in your brewing journey.
Presenter: Perry Lam (Founder, H.K. Lovecraft, Hong Kong) *Rep. Castle Malting

Session Title: Elevating Sales and Engaging Consumers Through Beer Education.
Session Summary: This workshop focuses on the profound influence of beer education on sales and consumer engagement, providing participants with actionable insights to empower your staff with a comprehensive understanding of craft beer and drive your brewery’s success.
Presenter: Anudeep Reddy Mutyala (Advanced Cicerone®)

Session Title: Beer Stability and Canning Best Practices
Session Summary: Beer stability doesn’t start in the can! Award winning brewmaster Mitch Griboff explores the microbiological & non-microbiological causes of beer instability. Covering a wide range of factors including colloidal stability, O2 pick-up, gushing, off-flavours and effects of light he’ll share preventative best practices and effective control measures. Mitch will then look into packaging options and conclude with a comprehensive exploration of canning best practices.
Presenter: Mitch Griboff (Head Brewer, Brewerkz Brewing Co., Singapore)

Workshop Title: Siebel Sensory Session – Sulphurs in Beer
Workshop Summary: Emphasizing the importance of aroma training and identifying common descriptors associated with different sulphur compounds this Sensory Session will follow with Siebel institute Sensory Identification of Beer-Associated Sulphurs training. Join us as we emphasize the importance of sensory evaluation, share strategies for prevention and mitigation, and present real-world case studies, all aimed at fostering a proactive approach to sulphur management in brewing.
Presenter: Joshua Easton (Lallemand Brewing, Technical Manager, S Korea)

Discussion Panel: We’ll wrap up this Technical Session with a group discussion addressing the topics and issues that affect the brewing industry across the country. Chair: Manu Misra (CEO, Oi Brewing Company)

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Location: Hyatt Pune

Date: 18th-19th April 2024

Time: 12:00 pm-2:00 pm

Cost: TBD