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Why pilot batch brewing is a game changer


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We have noticed many breweries don’t have the option to test new raw materials and ingredients – meaning they are not able to experiment with recipe ideas on a smaller scale.

This can be risky, as you may end up with a flavor profile, bitterness and aroma that is not what was expected.

This means they end up with a large batch, which needs to be sold – and of course consumed!

Smaller fermenting lines give brewers the ability to take a portion of wort and experiment to their hearts’ desire! That way they can lock in a great recipe and scale to their bigger kit once they have perfected it.

This is just one of the many reasons we recommend installing a pilot batch brewing system.Small fermenter for pilot batch brewing

Pilot Batch Brewing – Captivate the Crafties

The best part of craft beer (or any craft industry, for that matter) is the passion that goes into the art.

The enthusiasm we see from brewers to always find a ‘unique’ taste has led to a plethora of different beer styles – with new ones coming out all the time.

The possibilities are endless! Changes in materials, temperatures and timing. can make subtle or extreme changes to the final product – whether for the good or bad.

The love and care that goes into making the beer transcends past the brewers and through to the consumers, who are the wing beneath the sails of the craft movement.

Catering to their palette or even going beyond their current taste and introducing them to something new and exciting will set you apart from other brands. It will also ensure the freshness of this movement is continued for generations to come.

Valuable Information Through Market Research

A pilot batch brewing system gives brewers the opportunity to

  • make small batch runs for clients to test
  • help consumers provide feedback on your brews
  • determine the potential for a beer to become a seasonal staple or even part of the core range

This process is a great way to keep people engaged and help them feel like they’re part of the process. Also – it’s just great fun!

Heart of Darkness Brewery in Saigon, Vietnam brew their Limited Release series in either 60L or 120L batch sizes. They have announced this on their website and social channels, creating quite the buzz among the craft beer community.

Another example is Fork and Brewer’s Little Forker series in Wellington, New Zealand. They even have a searchable archive to keep track of the beers they have released!

Meanwhile Urban Alley Brewery in Melbourne, Australia have a great set up that allows them to collaborate with gypsy brewers and experiment with exciting new beer styles. Their system is one of the reasons they have been able to develop such an extensive range.

If you get a chance to visit these breweries, you won’t be disappointed.

Yeast Brink or Propagator?

We know yeast can be a big expense for a craft brewery. This means it is critical that while handling and fermenting – we are keeping it happy.Small brewing equipment for pilot batch brewing

No one likes “distressed” yeast as this anger can produce a string of negative consequences to the end product.

Most companies and their respective yeasts can be used over multiple generations. (Each manufacturer gives guidance on best practice.)

Most yeast can also be propagated from a smaller pitch size, to your required pitch size. While this takes time, it can end up being a huge cost saver.

Also, with smaller jacketed FVs, you can connect them to your glycol system and even make them mobile!

This gives you the opportunity to wheel the FVs around the brewery and collect yeast to be used at a later time or push your slurry into the FV.

Pilot Batch Brewing: Get amongst the next big thing

If you’re looking to get creative and want to experiment to find your perfect styles, Bespoke Brewing Solutions can help.

We can talk you through how the system works – and even provide you with a demonstration, if circumstances permit!

Some of the best brewers we have ever worked with have embraced smaller fermenting lines to really expand their horizons. It’s an exciting prospect!

Get in touch if you’re ready to take it to the next level!



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John Gonzales - Bespoke Brewing Solutions

John Gonzales - Bespoke Brewing Solutions

John is the co-founder and 'Designated Driver' of Bespoke Brewing Solutions, commercial brewing equipment designers, consultants, manufacturers and installers. He has designed and installed equipment around the world and is armed with a tank full of knowledge to help you setup or expand your brewery.

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