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Take advantage of our continual education offering with this specialized lecture series, brought to you in conjunction with the Siebel Institute of Technology in Chicago (USA)*.

Perfect for brewers looking to increase their brewing knowledge, or business owners wanting to provide beer courses and education to their workforce.

All of the Siebel beer and brewing lectures are available online and on-demand with the lectures varying in length from 45-90 minutes.

Continue your brewing and beer education journey NOW in 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Select a lecture POD – click “Learn more & enrol” under your chosen lecture.
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Once you complete a full pod of lectures you will receive a ‘Certificate of Accomplishment’ (a certificate is available for each pod completed). If you complete all 5 pods you will receive a further ‘Certificate of Completion’ for finishing the full lecture series.

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*Please note, this series of Specialized Lectures are not a formal brewing certification or beer education course. They are intended as a pathway for brewers and beer professionals to develop a greater understanding of the beer production and brewing process.

POD #1: Materials

POD #2: Operations “Hot” Side

POD #3: Yeast

POD #4: Operations “Cold” Side

Hop Addition

Matt Brynildson, Brewmaster at Firestone Walker, is discussing the advantages and the benefits of adding hops during either fermentation, maturation, and finishing.

Beer Filtration: Filters & Operations

The advantages and disadvantages of various filtration methods are discussed along with sterile filtration which is growing more important with the need for extended shelf life.

Maturation – Storage Principles

Maturation is necessary for sedimentation and desired flavor changes. Tank, temperature and yeast concentration can all impact the final beer flavour and appearance.

Fermentation Operations

Fermenting Operations are some of the most crucial for the brewery and will have some of the largest impacts on beers’ flavour profiles, stability and overall product quality.

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POD #5: Quality Control